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We love beer, and more especially craft beer. Sadly, small brewers have long been missing a way to analyze the differences between batches. Fetchly worked alongside the Fermly founders to create an app that could change all that.

Roles: Engineering, Product
Cattlesort work


Sometimes we get to work with industries that are not typically known for exciting user interfaces. CattleSort is a great example of a project that brings ease-of-use and great design to a traditional industry. We also enjoyed seeing the baby cows.

Roles: Direction, Engineering, Product, Design

Applied eCOA - Mobile

In the world of clinical trials building new software can be a daunting task. Fetchly built a mobile application that needed to comply with a hefty set of FDA regulations and work smoothly for patients.

Roles: Engineering, Compliance, Project Management, Design
Iphone perspective sized rev


Cabinlandia is an ongoing project built by Fetchly. It aims to bring a new simplified experience to finding upscale vacation rentals. The service sits somewhere between a marketplace and a concierge service.

Roles: Direction, Engineering, Marketing, Design
Cabinlandia ss 1

USAA Mortgage

While working on the Nationstar Mtg. rebrand, they obtained an additional contract with USAA to service their mortgage clients. An in-house application suddenly had to provide a full set of unique features and branding elements to satisfy their client.

Roles: Technical Anchoring, Direction, Engineering

ePRO Web Portal

Developing a great mobile application sometimes requires an administrative web portal to handle users management or data audits. We built the ePRO web portal to comply with 21 CFR Pt. 11, ALCOA and ensure ePRO studies ran smoothly.

Roles: Compliance, Engineering, Design
Epro protal 2

The NoteHub

The NoteHub is a productivity application for STEM teams built by Fetchly, it allows engineers, scientists and lab managers to organize work into time-stamped notebooks (for patent protection) as well as creating a platform for team note collaboration, commenting, and quick image and PDF previewing.

Roles: Direction, Engineering, Marketing, Design
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